Dundee Wheelers Hill Climb Championship 2018

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Dundee Wheelers Hill Climb Championship 2018

Postby gcarr2803 on Sat Sep 22, 2018 6:38 pm

Thanks to Ian Anderson, Ian Simpson and Andrea for helping and for the riders who rode and supported.
Fastest on the day was guest Lewis with 4.26. Ciaran Hannon retains the Wheelers Male Champion by 1 second from Ally and Fiona Davidson pipped Abigail for the female championship by 1 second!
Results below, all Wheelers except where I've entered a club name.

Name Club Time
Lewis Scott DUCC 4.26
Ciaran Hannon 4.35 Male Champion 2018
Ally Mills 4.36
Andy Blythe 4.50
Andy Abel 4.51
Jamie Costello 4.55
Graeme Carruthers 4.56
Callum Scott 4.57
Jerry Toy 5.02
Gus Garmany 5.17
Fiona Davidson 5.30 Female Champion 2018
Abigail Corsie 5.31
Ralph Coates 5.32
John Cunningham 5.35
Jon Mack 5.39
Frankie Daillie 5.42
Jim Campbell 5.43
Cheryl Walker 5.45
Davie Ross 5.49
Jill Murray 5.51
Oonagh Webster 6.24
Ged Hepburn Dundee Thistle 6.33
Jim Barrie 6.38
Phil Forte Dundee Thistle 6.47
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