Meeting Minutes Now Online for Club Members

I have added a new menu option to list the weekly Club Meeting Minutes.

You have to be a registered user to see the list and then be able to download them to read. If you voted in the Club Kit Second Round on the web site earlier in the year you will have a logon (note this is different to when you log on to the Forum / Blog etc).

When you select the Minutes Menu, the list will be blank, until you logon using the wee Login Form box on the left hand side of the Minutes page.

If you are not registered and want to be then click the Create an Account option in the Login Form box on the Minutes page. All requests need to be approved by me (to prevent spam and make sure it is just the club members who can register for this non public element). Please make it obvious who you are (real name) so I know you are a Club Member and I can approve it!

Any problems let me know.