Club Runs

The Club Runs were discussed at the Club Meeting and the following agreed. 

  • There will be 2 runs.
  • The faster run will usually leave from the Camperdown Gates at 9am. Aim is to be around the 17mph+ average. 
  • The steadier run will usually leave from Millennium Hall at 9:15am. Typically average around 15-16mph, depending on the group and route. 
  • On the occasions we meet at Baldovie Toll the 2 runs will split into separate groups. 
  • Sunday runs leave from the Camperdown Gates at 9:30am typically as one run. 
  • Depending on numbers, the runs may be further split into groups of 8-10 of similar ability, with each group having a nominated Ride Leader - agreed before setting off. 
  • Club members are expected to take a turn at being a Ride Leader and also to accompany any of the Groups as required so it is not always the usual suspects!
  • It is the responsibility of the Ride Leader to
    • welcome any newcomers and explain how the ride operates - don't assume they have read this page or have ridden in a bunch before
    • make sure everyone knows how to ride in a group, 2 abreast pointing out hazards and rotating the line, what the various signals and calls are and what you do - basically the info here
    • explain where the run is going and highlight any potential hazards that are known
    • communicate directions well in advance of junctions etc to the whole group
    • make sure the group ride safely at a speed that suits everyone in the group. The steady group may want to go at "chatting pace" that's fine, the faster run may want to go at "training pace" that's fine too, sometimes it may be vice-versa - just as long as everyone in the group knows and agrees. 
    • point out in advance as the run progresses any parts of the route that need particular attention such as upcoming hills, known bad sections of road, technical parts of descents (it is still the responsibility of every rider to ride within their own abilities)
  • It is the responsibility of ALL the riders to
    • do as the Ride Leader asks and don't take offence if someone points out something, it is for your and the groups benefit we all ride smartly and safely
    • to pay attention to the road and traffic conditions not just the wheel in front
    • familiarise yourself with the advice - here
    • to point out hazards to the Group
    • to SHOUT out hazards on occasion LOUDLY (particularly if a serious hazard and braking / evasive action required) 
    • to communicate information up and down the line such as hazards or if there is a gap that requires the group to slow up (shouting "easy" or "half a pun") - don't just assume everyone heard the first shout, pass up the line
    • if you see someone struggling with the pace speak up as sometimes the rider isn't able to :-) 
    • to ride 2 abreast when roads and traffic dictate it's safe, single file when required on narrow or busy roads
    • to rotate the line regularly, every 2-5 minutes, in a steady manner without accelerating and EVERYONE takes a turn
    • to NOT sprint out of junctions etc but to maintain a steady pace until all of the group is together
    • to stop and wait as a group if any mechanicals or punctures, where safe to, and then restart as a group once everyone can
  • The runs will not leave anyone behind.
  • Typically the group will split on hills, but will always regroup at the top / bottom.
  • All runs will end up at the same cafe stop, routes may vary slightly.

The intention is to make sure everyone gets out of the Club Runs what they want and know the "rules",  whether they are new to the club runs, wanting a more social steady run or are training for events and races. 

Hope everyone understands the intentions are all good, to make sure everyone knows the etiquette and any questions or issues we can discuss at the Club Meeting.

For further advice and information then British Cycling has a video (here) and also some more information here